Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Open Letter to Abortion

Dear Abortion:

I've never met you, and I've never had an abortion, but I love you. You're amazing. Even though I've never had any direct experiences with you, my life wouldn't be the same without you. You see, now I don't have to be terrified of becoming pregnant. It's not even that I'd necessarily choose you if I did become pregnant, it's just that I know if I do become pregnant, my freedom will still be there. I will have a choice. You see, to me, having a wanted pregnancy when abortion is illegal is sort of like having sex with a person who I knew would just rape me if I told him to stop. It'd be terrifying and violating. I wouldn't be able to enjoy the experience at all. You're so special.

Sometimes, people like to portray you as a horrible thing. I really do not like that sentiment. Unwanted pregnancy is a bad thing, lack of education is a bad thing, poverty is a bad thing. You are not a bad thing, abortion. You are amazing!

Sometimes people are forced/coerced into having you. That's awful, and if you were a person and capable of thought I'm sure you would want people to have you only when they want to have you. I'm sure you'd want to be there for women, not hurt them. Sadly, you have no choice, with you not being a sentient being and all that, so some women are forced into having you, anyway.

Some people want you to be dangerous for some reason. Not pro-choicers, though. We want you to be safe and legal, and we're fighting to keep you that way. After all, we know that you'll exist whether you're legal or illegal, because you're necessary in our society. We need you. It's that simple.

You're different than a lot of other surgeries. There are so many different emotions concerning you, some good, some bad. This is especially true when it comes to the women who have abortions. Some women treat their abortion very casually, and that's okay. Some women feel tremendous remorse after their abortion, and it's not a good thing that they're suffering, but their feelings are just as valid as any other woman's. Women who are in pain are allowed to be in pain because, hey, we're individuals with individual emotions. Some women feel thrilled about their abortions. That's okay, too! Not everyone loves you, abortion. That's fine. That doesn't make you any less amazing in my eyes.

With much love,


  1. Some serial killers love what they do to. I fail to see your point about loving abortion.

  2. My point is that I love abortion and that I think it's an amazing thing. I thought that was pretty obvious!

  3. That third paragraph can be addressed to zygotes!

    And how about reading and engaging in an actual conversation, anonymous person, instead of the ridiculous hyperbole? People have to go through certain difficult events and are actually thankful for the help they get, instead of resentful for needing the help in the first place (or resentful of the fact that other people need it). I don't knock on people who put their children up for adoption, or people who knowingly have children that they can't possibly raise. I could never put a kid up for adoption, and I think it's sad when kids are born to incompetent (or worse) parents. Help is what they need, not shame and judgment.

  4. Ha, it works perfectly for zygotes/embryos/fetuses!

  5. "You see, to me, having a wanted pregnancy when abortion is illegal is sort of like having sex with a person who I knew would just rape me if I told him to stop." That has to be my favourite bit, so honest and true.

    The entire thing is beautiful and wonderfully written.
    And yes, abortion is amazing. :)

  6. I honestly think this is taking it way too far. Shouldn't it be I love choice? Because I personally do love choice for everyone, but I don't think it can be said that someone LOVES abortion. You don't just love to terminate a pregnancy, most women do so because they are unable to have (another) pregnancy and child. Some women may feel relieved after having an abortion, but I doubt people feel overjoyed about having an abortion. I don't doubt people feel overjoyed about having choice- now that's a beautiful thing.

  7. I do love choice, and choice includes abortion.



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