Monday, September 27, 2010

A Fallen Hero

Last Friday, abortion provider Dr. William Harrison of Arkansas died of Leukemia.

It always hurts when an abortion provider dies. I didn't know Dr. Harrison personally, but my heart breaks when I think of all of the people he left behind. He left behind not only friends and family, but so many women as well. Now it's just that much harder for women in that area to access abortion, now it's one more roadblock for women seeking abortion.

I burned a candle and prayed for Dr. Harrison the other day. I took my moment of silence, and it'd be great for other people to do the same. However, let a moment of silence be just that- a moment. After that moment of silence, be loud and be active, because I'm sure that's what would make our fallen heroes proud. No one will ever take Dr. Harrison's place as a unique member of society, but we can do something, and that's what I'm asking of you. Let's do something to bring reproductive justice to America. Let's make our fallen heroes and our heroes still standing proud.


  1. This is so sweet and refreshing to read, especially after coming from Jill Stanek's hate-filled post on the topic.

    I think the best way to memorialize Dr. Harrison (and all other abortion providers that have passed on) is to make sure his work wasn't in vain.

  2. What is "reproductive justice"?

  3. Reproductive justice, to me, is having the ability to control your own reproductive life, regardless of age, race, socioeconomic status, any disabilities, etc. It's-
    -being able to prevent pregnancy
    -having the right to become pregnant and have as many kids as your heart desires
    -being able to never have kids at all
    -being able to access and have an abortion
    -being able to do the same things, have the same rights, and receive the same amount of respect as you did when you weren't pregnant
    -being able to choose when, where, and how you give birth.
    -not having people pressure you to surrender your child to adoption
    -being able to feed your child in public- yes, that includes breastfeeding!

    Abortion is only one part of reproductive justice. It's a huge part, but one part. Reproductive justice is one part of bodily autonomy.

    This list could go on, really. I just scratched the surface.

  4. Reproductive justice is that thing you find on Google by typing it in the search field.

  5. @ femily's comment - I was looking for a more philosophical answer. Thans pcg for taking the time to give me one. @ Femily - ??????



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