Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just for Laughs

Real mature, huh? Think she's going to call me a big fat meanie head for posting this? Oh, and I'm not even going to go into how she's playing on the myth that anti-choicers can be feminists.


  1. As usual, anti-choicers are the pinnacle of mature discussion.

  2. This should be posted in reply to EVERY anti that claims antis aren't anti-woman.

  3. I wonder if Stanek realizes that this tasteless, moronic attempt at humor contradicts her usual inane bullshit:

    In Stanek's anti-choice world, isn't abortion being abused by promiscuous pro-choice women so that they can feed their nymphomania? And, how exactly do pro-choice women who weren't raped get pregnant, if not via casual sex/dates/relationships/marriages?

    In Stanek's anti-choice world, doesn't advocating for sex education and increased access to contraception/abortion imply that women will have too much sex, thus increasing pregnancy and abortion?

    Stanek's entire anti-woman obsession is dependent on resenting self-actualized, more attractive women. If she actually did consider them uglier, she wouldn't have anything to do.



Due to constant spam and derailing coming from a few antis, I am now making this blog a "safe place". This does not mean that I won't allow opposing views. It means that I'm not longer going to allow hateful or unrelated/spammy comments. This will continue on until the anti-choice spammers get bored with harassing me and the people who post here, and is especially relevant when it comes to the topic of rape. I hope this doesn't deter any respectful people from commenting. :)