Sunday, May 9, 2010

Trusting Women for Mother's Day

Who has abortions? What kind of people have abortions?

The answer: they're white people, black people, brown people. They're cis and they're trans. They're gay, straight, and bisexual. They're alcoholics, drug addicts, smokers, and straight-edge. They're depressed, pessimistic, optimistic, and the most happy-go-lucky people in the world. They're feminists, non-feminists, and anti-feminists. They're meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. They're Christians, Satanists, Muslims, Pagans, atheists, and Buddhists. They're liberal and pro-choice and they're conservative and anti-choice (yes, anti-choice women have abortions, too). They're rape victims, married, sex workers, and promiscuous. Some of them have no children. 60% of them do.

That's right, my friends, read correctly. 60%. Totally debunks the "if only you knew how it feels when the 'baby' kicks, you wouldn't have this abortion!" argument from anti-choicers. 60% of women do know how it feels to go through a pregnancy, to see the ultrasounds, to feel the fetus kick, to give birth. Women aren't stupid. We know what is inside of us when we're pregnant. We really do.

This Mother's Day, I will be celebrating the beauty of motherhood by trusting women to make their own life decisions. You can not celebrate the beauty of motherhood by forcing it upon women. You can not celebrate the beauty of motherhood by disregarding the emotions of anyone who has or wants to have an abortion, especially considering the fact that 60% of those people are mothers. Pregnancy and motherhood is so, so beautiful when it is chosen. That is not the case when it's forced. When it's forced, pregnancy becomes an act of violence, much like rape. Forcing violence upon anyone is not celebrating motherhood.

This Mother's Day, I'll be celebrating my own mother and her right to choose. I am so glad that she was not forced through her two pregnancies. I trust my mother with her own body, life, and family, just as I trust other women. I trust them enough to fight for their liberty. I trust them enough to not assume that they're liars when they say that they're raped, or when they say that they do/do not regret their abortion. I trust them enough to not assume that they're too stupid to know what to choose when they're pregnant. I trust them enough to tell them the truth about their pregnancies and bodies. I trust them enough to avoid screaming at them as they're trying to see a doctor. Can you say the same, anti-choicers?

Happy Mother's Day, everyone. Give your mom a big hug today!


-Don't forget to celebrate our birthmothers, too. Yesterday was BirthMother's day! I missed it, but it's never too late to celebrate. Every day should be a day of celebration for our mother's and birthmother's.

-Speaking of trusting women, the producers of the Trust Women Movie have $3,000 dollars in 15 days to be able to make their documentary about Dr. Hern and Dr. Carhart. Can you help? They can't do it without you!

-Also, click here to vote for Dr. Tiller as a women's health hero. He gave his life for liberty. He was such a brave man, I can not believe that it's been nearly a year since his assassination. RIP Dr. Tiller. You are dearly missed.


  1. I guess the only group that refuses to have abortions are the ProLifers.

    Oh well, those in the minority have conquered before.

  2. Actually, anti-choice women have abortions too (check out the link that I just added.. forgot to go back and add the links, oops!)

  3. thank you for making safe site I am 44 single no husband There is always 2 points to topic but violence assault stalking must not be viewed lightly

  4. If someone has an abortion, they are not prolife. They may lie to others and say they are, but they are not. One can support abortion at some point in their life but later have a change of heart and become prolife. You cannot however be both prolife and for abortion at the same time.

  5. That's probably where we differ. Nothing about being anti-abortion is "pro-life" to me. It's all just anti-choice. It's totally possible for someone to have an abortion and still be anti-choice if they don't support that choice for other people.

  6. I guess we both are calling our beliefs about abortion by names the other disagrees with.

    My argument is that a person can't believe abortion is both moral and immoral at the same time. It is either one or the other to each individual person.

  7. People do things that they think are immoral all the time. I know people who have chosen to have sex before marriage, even though they believe that it's immoral. I consider every one of the women mentioned in that story (The Only Moral Abortion is my Abortion) anti-choice, personally. I can't consider them pro-choice just because they exercised their own right to choose.

  8. Anti-choice women are not having abortions. This is another media 'slight of hand' with statistics. If you have an abortion, you have chosen abortion, therfore you are not anti-choice. If you have an abortion, you have chosen abortion, and even if you outwardly hide it, or continue to speak out against it without feeling repentence, regret, or remorse for having an abortion, you are not anti-choice, you are a liar, and a hypocrite. If you speak out against abortion after the fact, based on your actual experience leading to your conviction, it's another matter entirely.

    Pro-choice, anti-choice, pro life, pro abortion, anti abortion - these are all semantical devices not necessarily based on literal definitions. Literally, pro choice means you are supportive of choices. Some people choose to speak out against abortion, this is their choice, so if you are pro-choice you should respect that. I think pro/anti-choice is one of the poorest use of terms in the whole debate.

    The sentence should read 'some women who are hypocrites and liars have abortions'. That would be much less sensational, wouldn't it? Because you'd probably have to say that all women who have had an abortion (or even those who haven't) have been hypocritical, or lied at some point in their lives, eh? Unless we all have suddenly become perfect.

  9. Women who choose abortion for themsleves but are against other women's right to choose are anti-choice, Anon.

  10. Anonymous, you are using circular logic.

  11. FEMily, you tend to sensationalize your arguments.

  12. ... and the logic is only circular when you are trying to support a fallacy by creating the circle. I believe everything I asserted in my last post is true, please specify to me what isn't and I'll re-evaluate. The point I'm trying to convey is that both sides of this issue should argue truthfully, without emotional or sensational bias (inasmuch as they possibly can). This would demonstrate a willingness to elevate the discourse to a higher moral and relevant standing.

  13. Your logic is circular because you claim that anti-choice women don't have abortions, and if an anti-choice woman happens to have an abortion, then she's not anti-choice. But if you still mean what you say, that anti-choice women who choose abortion aren't anti-choice because they've made a choice, then you might as well say that women who choose to have children aren't anti-choice. After all, if a woman is freely choosing to have a child, without the expressed written permission of the President after a lengthy debate in both houses of Congress, then she's not anti-choice.

    Now in true sensational fashion, I shall leave thusly: *showing off my jazz hands while kicking like a Rockette*



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