Sunday, May 16, 2010

20 Reasons Why a Person Might Have an Abortion

There are a lot of reasons why a person might have an abortion. Here are a few:

1. She doesn't want to become a parent now.

2. She doesn't want to become a parent ever.

3. She's still in high school/college and wants to complete her education.

4. She had an incomplete miscarriage.

5. She has an ectopic pregnancy or other health problem.

6. She has children that she is already struggling to take care of.

7. She doesn't want to be a single parent.

8. She can't afford a/another child.

9. There is a fetal anomaly present.

10. She is looking after a family member with health issues and can't take care of both a child and a family member.

11. She is in an abusive relationship.

12. The pregnancy was a result of rape.

13. The child(ren) that she already has has special needs and she has to take care of him/her.

14. She is a drug addict/alcoholic and doesn't want the fetus to be born with health problems or raise a child while still being addicted.

15. She doesn't want to have a child at her age.

16. She doesn't want to be pregnant with a specific person's fetus.

17. Because having a child is and always will be life changing.

18. Giving a child away for adoption would be too painful.

19. She feels violated by the pregnancy.

20. She just doesn't want to be pregnant.

..and all of these reasons are good reasons. I don't expect any anti-choicers to understand this. I don't expect anti-choicers to treat any pregnant person decently, or even humanely. However, I do expect that pro-choicers will respect all women, regardless of their choice and their reason for that choice. We must always remember that it's not our (or anyone's) place to judge these women.

Have a happy Sunday!


-If you have any more things that you think I should add to this list, post a comment telling me what I should add. :)

-It's almost been a year since Dr. Tiller's assassination. Please remember to acknowledge that day (May 31st) and raise awareness about anti-choice terrorism. If you're on Twitter, you can start raising awareness by using the #TrustWomen and #RememberingDrTiller hashtags. God bless you, Dr. Tiller.


  1. It's never failed to amaze me how Repukes have called themselves the PARTY OF GETTING GOV'T OFF OUR BACKS...but they seem to have NO PROBLEM when it comes to our sex lives...and damn Bill O'LIEly, the blood of Dr. Tiller will NEVER wash off his hands...RIP Doc.

  2. One of my closest friends had an abortion because she was in a very abusive relationship, and having that man's child would give him reason to continue stalking and harassing her. I don't know where she'd be if a safe, affordable abortion wasn't available to her. She might not even be alive.

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog from a friends' link on Facebook. Thank you for posting this. Making the choice to have a safe, legal abortion isn't *easy*, no matter what the circumstances.

    It makes me sad and angry to know that too many people think women most commonly have abortions as a form of birth control or because it's the easy way out or some other ridiculous reason.

    Methinks I'll go add you to my blog reader now :)

  4. I think the number one reason women have abortion is None of yo' bizness!!!

    As for reason number 14, a child born addicted or tested positive for drugs (illicit or prescription) would be taken away immediately and placed in foster care. Some of those children never get to go back home.

  5. Oh, yeah. These are just a few. I like to say that there are as many reasons for abortion as there are women who have abortions. Each woman's "story" is unique, and it's no one's place to judge her.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I think too many people are too far removed from the complexity of these issues that are, indeed, the strong and sometimes traumatic forces behind why a woman would choose to have an abortion.

    It's terribly sad that it's the woman who is the least likely to be understood and represented in this ongoing debate. The Great Debate often blindingly focuses on the pregnancy, and not enough on the people who are really left to deal with it (ie, women).

  7. Removal of an ectopic pregnancy is not an abortion.

    An incomplete miscarriage where the child has already died and is removed is not an abortion.

    If you do not want to be a parent and you take a pregnancy test and it is positive you are already a parent. If it is not a baby you are not pregnant.

    Carry on.

  8. Being pregnant doesn't make someone a parent, just like impregnating someone doesn't make that person a parent.



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