Sunday, January 24, 2010

Eight Reasons

"In 1982, Dr. Hector Zevallos and his wife were taken captive by the “Army of God” in Granite City, Illinois, because of Dr. Zevallos’ work in performing abortions. After two dozen clinic bombings in 1984, FBI Director William Webster said that the incidents weren’t terrorism because “we don’t know who’s doing it.” Since those times, the anti-abortion rhetoric has been filled with descriptions of doctors as “baby killers,” “mass murderers” and “child killers.” The antiabortion fanatics call themselves “prolife” while they are killing doctors and other health workers who help women. This despicable phrase implies that those of us who save women’s lives are “prodeath” and “anti-life.” “Pro-life” is not a neutral, descriptive term. It is a dagger of psychological warfare that is backed by hate and terror. It is a profound libel and insult to those who help women. Words kill, and the phrase “pro-life” is an obscene and grotesque sophistry. It is a cruel and vicious fraud."

-Dr. Warren Hern on the death of George Tiller (Warning: PDF)

This is "Pro-Life":
13,995 harassing calls or hate mail
659 anthrax threats
406 death threats
179 instances of assault/battery
175 instances of arson
100 butyric acid attacks
96 attempted bombings or arson
41 bombings
17 attempted murders
4 kidnappings

and 8 people, dead and gone, due to the movement that masquerades behind the label "Pro-Life". 8 families in pain. Because of "Pro-Life" there are children who lost grandparents and parents. Because of "Pro-Life" there are spouses who have been left spouseless. Eight people who are no longer here to continue helping the world, to continue helping women in desperate situations. As Dr. Hern says, these people represented a thought. The assassins wanted to kill a thought. The assassins wanted to kill liberty.

Those eight people gave us eight reasons to keep on defending choice. The reasons:

Dr. Barnett Slepian
, Dr. David Gunn, Dr. John Britton and James Barret, Shannon Lowney and Lee Ann Nichols, Robert Sanderson, and, most recently, Dr. George Tiller.

Eight reasons to keep on defending choice. Eight reasons as to why anti-choice is not pro-life.


  1. I got the numbers from here

  2. Anyone else have the urge to go all Fight Club right now?

    His name is Barnett Slepian. His name is David Gunn. His name is John Britton. His name is James Barret. Her names is Shannon Lowney. Her name is Lee Ann Nichols. His name is Robert Sanderson. His name is George Tiller.

    Maybe I'm just odd...

  3. Murder is wrong, no matter who does it, for any reason. All life is created by God, even abortion doctors and their staff. In addition to the 8 abortion doctors you mentioned that were killed, you should have also mentioned the nearly 50 million unborn babies that have been killed by abortion doctors like the 8 you mentioned. You respect all life, right?

  4. "Murder is wrong, no matter who does it, for any reason."

    Too bad you're not consistent with this. You say that murder is wrong, yet you encourage it with your statements. As long as people like you continue to brainwash people into believing that doctors are murderers, the murder will continue. I do respect all life, and that is why I'm pro-choice.

  5. How you can say you respect all life, when you fervently support the killing of preborn human beings via abortion? What kind of respect is that?

  6. Supporting the right to abortion is supporting the right to liberty for women. Unless you respect liberty, you have no respect for life.

  7. Chelsey says:

    What liberties of a dead fetus are there to respect?



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